Tuesday, May 19, 2009


(From Smith's RASL #1.) I love these three panels. While Jeff Smith's new series may be slow to arrive and slow to build, this sequence is fast and hot. In the angled light, a grotesque nonchalantly fires two shots at Rasl. I really like the horizontal symmetry outside the gun:
gun report
gun report
The stillness of the second panel gives way to Smith's incredible exploration of space and time in the third panel. Rasl dives into the dark center of the comic itself and his cigar hasn't even hit the ground. Between two very material sounds (the jukebox's metallic PING! and the wall's blunt POW!), Rasl is a soundless mess of foot and canvas, hurriedly retreating from us and held in careful suspension.

Next up: Seiichi Hayashi.

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