Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best of 2010: special mention

Daytripper by Ba and Moon. To be honest, I could have used a lot more humor. That aside, it struck me as a sort of Little Nemo in Slumberland homage. McCay's single page structure is dilated over the course of an issue: a pattern of ever-increasing nearness (to a goal, a girl, a revelation) followed by spectacular/mundane catastrophe at the end (imagine if every Nemo or Rarebit Fiend strip ended with an obituary). The series plays out way more optimistically than McCay's haunted pattern. Above is only the first page of issue two and is the easiest formal echo of McCay: bottom right wake up, orders to go and find the dream girl.

For kicks, here's the bottom of a 1906 Nemo strip, which I got from the great Comic Strip Library. Mundane catastrophe and wake up. But, daddy, I wanna be the princess' new playmate!

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