Saturday, January 23, 2010


Let the blur stand for your peripheral vision. The far edge of panel 2 is there and not there. What I've noticed while reading the first two years of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant is how Foster experiments with caption placement to emphasize silence and the image, like in the swamp above, or to drown out a caption with comedic motion set in a deliberately larger panel, like with the horse below. Below, panels 3 and 4 are text-heavy to the point where the horse in panel 5 could very well be assaulting the glut of captions, driving the words along with Val into the ground. The fact that Foster's captions are the same size in every panel is manipulated by the sheer immensity of panel 5, which reorients prominence and subservience.
Bad scan I know. The horse is bucking after all.


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