Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Herzogian Shoe Feast

Goddamn it. I was ready to whiten my flag and wash up alone on the comfortable shore of Outcaultlandia. Turn my attention backwards like a good Spiegelman in a time of crisis.


Carol Tyler's You'll Never Know, Book One: A Good and Decent Man descended from the reshelving corral of fate onto the recent arrivals rack of my soul. This book revitalizes the buried-dark-and-deep father's-WWII-history story with ornamentation. Not stripped down, not allegorized, but a storm of genres and accessories on Carol Tyler's part to counter the global warming of father Chuck Tyler's slowly-heating-up life details. You'll Never Know is tempest-tost. Tyler's a MAD clutterer, a Comeek sketchbooker, a Buckinghamian bannerer, an Eisnerian choreographer -- ehhh comparisons blah.

Enjoy the head of the chair poking out of the rush in the third panel.


For you to feel the movement:
Notice that "How's that" is outside the panel proper.
Next: the best of the decade. (I know.)


  1. I just finished reading this. It's pretty damn great, isn't it? Love that movement and the way she puts together pages. Good stuff here, worthy of some closer examination, which I hope to do soon.

  2. Oh absolutely, Matthew. It's marvelous and I feel silly for having played the crank a few posts earlier. There's a pulse, phew.

    I really enjoyed your Photographer analysis (especially that stitched-together long walk). But it appears I'm commenting on it on my blog and not yours. Next time!