Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Hobbyhorses

I think a good portion of this month's posts will be about Comedy or Silence. Already begun the first, after a fashion, but would like to look at: lightheartedness, bait and switch, Mutt and Jeff. We'll also see if I can avoid resorting to Michael Kupperman. And silence: the no-words type and others.

Let's start with both.
(Attributed to Rolf Pielke from The World on Sunday collection.)


  1. Little Lu Lu started out without words. Hard to find the old stuff online. I found a copy of a 1930's book under my bed at my cottage when I was a kid: Ignoring the flagrant racism, it gave me some good ideas about what I should be doing with my time.

    A bad influence, albeit; she was a total dick.


  2. Thanks for the Lulu. And what a sweet beginning she had! I really like the mischiefmakers too, the Buster Browns, the little shits.