Wednesday, June 17, 2009


(From Sam Hiti's Tiempos Finales, Vol 1. Click to enlarge.)

The architecture of these panels! Mothers shout off balconies, a father from a doorway, a grandmother (?) from a garden (?). The first and second rows of panels compose a building where each row is a storey and where the whole is a conglomerate of four separate locations, separate homes. The numbers connect the cries and our eyes to the recipients (this is our leg up on the parents). We are so many places at once, following so many eyes. Though the children are in this together, the calls cut them off from one another and the captions drag us into the separate futures of the evening. We get a sense that the punishments to be doled out have been doled out before for similar crimes. The tiny cells make the third row death row.

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